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TyrNovo presents a new concept in drug development. Its lead candidate is a drug that eliminates a key protein in cancers with potential to improve the effect of existing cancer therapies, prevent of drug resistance, and increase life expectancy. Preliminary positive indications of enhanced immune system response support positive impact on treatment effectiveness.

AlphaTau Medical focuses on research, development and commercialization of DαRT® Diffusing Alpha-Emitting Radiation Therapy for the treatment of solid cancer tumors. Pre-clinical studies demonstrated safety and effectiveness for treating multiple types of cancer. The treatment is expected to trigger a supportive immune system response. Alpha Tau recently launched multi-national in vivo clinical.

Integrity is an assimilator of integrative oncology, focused on evidence-based Nutrition, Herbal and Mind-Body medicine, with the aim of enhancing and complementing conventional cancer care. Despite the great advancements in conventional oncology, there are still major downsides to the treatments it offers, mainly undesired side effects, which often compromises the patient’s quality of life, wastes important resources and leaves both patients and doctors frustrated. Integrating conventional and evidence based natural cancer care properly should result in a significant decrease in side effects and a substantial improvement in quality of life and survival rates.